Monday, December 18, 2006

Message from Skeezix!!

I think EVERYONE should enter (if they haven't already) because all our humans deserve to win!! AND, it's for a good cause!! (Plus you get great prizes!!)

Today is the deadline for TWO Kitty Kontests n Award Thingies!

Food Lady/Dood of the Yeer Award

Monday at midnite is the dedline for nominayshuns for the Food Lady/Dood of the Yeer Award being run by Skeezix!
If we can git 50 nominayshuns, Brandi's Mom, Libby Marie's Mom and Oreo's Mom will eech git $50. Only ten to go........

GRATE prizes have just bin added!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,

I didn't notice the date of this post and try to enter today.My story up yet to late I'm afraid.I know who I'm voting for...After all your my sweetie.
Huggs and kisses Ariel

Patches & Mittens said...

I think there is 61 entries now!


Anonymous said...

Yes I'm on the list Yaaa!!!