Sunday, July 23, 2006

Looky, looky!!

Look at what my Daddy maded for us!

Houses in the UK aren't built with screens, like the Mericky houses. And wiff two Before Fluffies taken to the Bridge on the Nasty Road, Mum doesn't want us to go roaming.

So Daddy maded us our very own screen! It fits into the french doors and means the doors can be open to let in some of that lush fresh air and we can't 'scape!

We likes it VERY much - thank you Daddy!


I was very disturbed this afternoon. We were shut out of the lounge (well, we know why now, 'cos Daddy was building our 'Fresh Air Thingy'). When we were let back in and I had inspected the Fresh Air Thingy,

I wandered off for a bite to eat - inspections are hard work! Well, the kitchen floor was lovely and clean....but where was my FOOD??

This is my dining area. But no tablecloth, no bowls, no FOOD!

MAMA! Don't make me poop on your pillow!

::cq:: oops, sorry Pandy [puts down bowls] I forgot.....


That was SOME party.........

Most everyone came to help the old bagcat sellybrate her birthday! There was swimmin', tramamapolinin', drinkin', nippin' and even karaoke and dancin'! I'm pooped!!

Some new friends came; Skeeeeezix, Rocky and Maobert. They are cool dude cats and are welcome anytime (even though Pandora blew off Mao!).

Pandora is still recovering, and I'm still trying to dry my fur out. The pool has been returned to the loan company and the tramamapoline has been sent back to the people that lent it to us. There's no food left, and the drink was all drunk!

So it's back to normal here - until my Gotcha Day, which Mum says is next month!


Thank you all for coming to my party. It was a great success! :-) I hope you all had a good time!

Thank you for the presents and cards, they were all excellent. Look at these adorable cards:

from Skeeeeezix and Maobert :-)

Ah well, back to the routine of bean care. Mama was out all day yesterday in the hot and she was VERY bad-tempered when she came home. We need to do extra furkisses today. But first - a nice nap....


Friday, July 21, 2006

Party Time!

At 10pm UK time (that's about 4-5pm in Mericky), in about an hour, Pandora's Party will kick off!
If we're not here when you arrive, it'll be 'cos it's the middle of the night here, and we will be doing our usual shift walking on Mum and Daddy's faces....but everything will still be here, so party on and if we can get back we will!

She's 18yrs old on Monday and Mum said I could arrange a party tonight for her.

We have multicoloured nip for the nipheads.......

We have Shrimptinis for those that like them......

And Russianless White Russians for those with a taste for the finer things.....

Mum has instructed taps be left on for drinking.........

As it's blinkin' hot here, Mum has said we can use the pool - but no taking a whizz in the water [looks guilty]

And finally, my favourite!! Mum has ordered a tramamapoline for us younger kits.......!!

and as an extra treat, for the more mature felines - shot chess, with the finest nip brandy and scotch! (What? You didn't know nip brandy was BLUE!?!)

did I do good, Mum?? Did I??? Huh? Huh?

Pandora [yawning]: oh look!! A party fit for a feline of such beauty and poise.....and shrimptinins! Charlie, you're not all bad.

Now there's just time for a quick nap before the guys start teleporting over.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

News, News!

My Mama is home! She went to see our granny and grampy in Scotland, but she's home now. She brought pictures of our cousins - look!


We gotted our Summer Secret Paw! It's so awesomely cool!! And it's a Mericky fluffie we don't we're sending Mum off to the shops! :-)


And lastly, don't forget my birthday party! Tomorrow night, bring drinks and snacks and nip (if you take it, I prefer shrimptinis myself)Everyone is invited (although, given my age, I may retire frequently!). Paws up, charlie is in charge of the games, he says he got some ideas from recent parties.....[shakes perfect head] I dread to think........


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Party - 21 July.....make a note in your diaries!

I will be 18 bean years old on the 24 July!

That's 78 years old in our lifetimes..... sheesh, no wonder my bones creak....

Mama says I can have a party on the 21st July, but she's gonna be away for a week now. So - if you see this, spread the word. All felines and beans, buns, woofies invited....

Mama will do the rounds as much as she can when she gets back from our bean granny and grampy's house.


Mum's Leaving Again!!

Mum's leaving again. She's going to see our Granny and Grampy in Scotland. We don't like suitcases, they are BAD.
We watched Mum pack (charlie: actually Pandora pretended to be asleep - so Mum would think she didn't care), thinking that by using the Cat Stare we could persuade her to empty the suitcase again - but no........

When she settled down for a coffee we did the whole 'crowding the lap' thing, thinking maybe that would persuade her to stay........

We were very good, bit of sniffing, lots of purring and no fighting.....but no, she's still putting stuff in the suitcase.......

So I'm gonna sit on the draining board until she comes home!

Daddy's gonna look after us 'til Mum comes home. Good thing is we get extra snuggles from Daddy....!!

Charlie and Pandora

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fur-th of July!

Happy Fur-th of July to our Mericky Fur-iends!!