Monday, July 23, 2007

Long Time No Miaow......

Hi everyone, we know you've been worried, but Mum has trouble keeping her own blog up to date, let alone ours too.......Diva Kitty went to visit Mum's blog to see if we wuz ok.

Well, to bring you all up to date....I am fine - tomorrow is my 18th birthday (proper, after Mum miscounted last year!). I'm getting a bit creaky now, slowing down a bit. My hips hurt when I first get up, but I'm mostly good.I still smack the CharlieBoy around now and then, but he's tending to stay away from me now.


Hey, is mah dudes still out there? Mum has not been helping us to blog, and we haven't been online for ages. I'm, like, huge now.......way bigger than the Old BattleCat. I'm even too big for Mum's lap now...... I don't have the harness any more, I go into the garden on a collar 'n' lead.
Mum said to post this old picture, it's one of her favourites - me at a year old.
D'you know, it has rained here for weeeeeeeeeeeeks.......every day it rains. Mum says it's flooding up the motorway aways from us. I wonder if the floodies will come here.....hope not, I can't swim.......