Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fambly Outing

We were put in our boxes (amid much swearing and cussing!) and then us and Mama and Daddy went for a drive in the big metal box.

And this is where we went..........

nice ickle house, isn't it? - and where our V E T is........[shudder]

Would you like to meet our V E T?

This is Uncle Tim in a place called 'Down Under'........looking after little wall -ababies.....

anyways, enough photies.....

I got a good going over. When I goes in for my gerry-hatrick check-up Uncle Tim is always very thorough. Eyes, ears, joints, heart, [coughs politely] waterworks, trim nails and finally a good old stroking! He likes me, he says I look amazing for an 80 yr old! Don't I JUST!

Then charlie got a thorough check up. He had all the usual bits checked; ears, heart, coat, nails trimmed and then Uncle Tim had to look in his mouth, 'cos charlie has got weird teeth.......yup, it's official - charlie's teeth are odd! And then to finish off with, he got this big injection and afterwards he BEEPED! yep, snotrag now beeps!!

[Mama; charlie has been fitted with a thermochip, so he cna be identified if the worst happens and his temperature can be read without a thermometer!]

What?? You mean charlie doesn't have to have that cold wet stick up his bum??

[Mama; yep - they're new!]

[looks faintly worried] do I still have to have the cold wet stick up my bum?

[Mama: yep!!]

life's just SO not fair...........[mumble grumble]


[Mama - but, Pandy, you beep as well, you know!!]

Monday, March 27, 2006

Photo Opportunities

Hello everyone, Pandora here [smooze]....Mama has finally sorted out her phoney camera thing and has downloaded my gorgeous pictures.......

Taken at Chrissymus time breakfast

er.....Mama? What about the orange juice....?

Thank you [feline smirk]

and just to balance things out, a charming portait of snotrag :-)

[lmfao] that's laughing my feline ass off


Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Fluffies on the Block

There are new blogging fluffies out there.....

Meeko and Kiara have finally persuaded their Mama to start them their own blog!
Oh, and they say their Mama is away this week, so anyone who fancies a party - grab your nip and head over there!

Bat and Bandit are new on the block, but they seems nice fluffies with stories to tell. We've already been over to say hello.

Luna is a gorgeous fluffie in somewhere called Spain. Now Luna has English-speaking friends she is being really nice and translating her blog into English bean-language for us! But still, Mama is gonna have to get an Spanish/English dictionary - or ask her blogfriend Mar to translate!

Abby is a Manx. Mama says that means she has no tail........[charlie swishes enormous tail] how DOES she manage!

Mama is still trying to photograph us for
Cowboy's wrestling challenge, but everytime she comes near us, we break and go to our corners.......we think she'll give up soon....

And finally (as the bean newsreaders say!) Mama has at last sent out our Secret Paw and Hare Mail! :-) Of course, we can't say who our SP is, but he loves carrots!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


We missed the party!! No niptinis or bloody mousies for us!! No russianless white russians or anchovy pizza.....! Did Angel find a new playmate??

[feline sob]

You see, Mama's 'nearly bean bruv', our Uncle Aginoff, has been very poorly in n'ospital, and as well as being at the work fing, she has been visiting him most evenings this week. She says he is much better and has time to blog today.

Mama has been SO busy lately, what wiff baby bean christenings, work fing, Uncle Aginoff and stuffs..........

Daddy doesn't do blogging, so we couldn't ask him to help :-((

Magoo thunked this across to me - I fink it's cool........

Moses Kitty,
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your fur.
And rains fall soft upon your catnip fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand
To old friends! And to new friends!

I fink living in a barn sounds WAY cool........what's a barn???


Friday, March 10, 2006

Teleporting Time

OK, snotrag has been walked.....

I must admit I did laugh when I saw him in his harness. But I kissed him on the nose and sympathised........

So now, exercise and funtime over, it's Fluffies to the Rescue!

SSS's Mom is poorly this week, and the guys have asked us fellow felines to teleport over and help nurse her.


I can feel a teleport coming on..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Several Mornings Later

ooh........why does my head hurt still after two days? What did you guys put in those Bloody Mousies? That was one wild weekend........thanks Magoo!!

Oh, and I'm NEVER touching nip again........honest - never.........

Kukka-Maria, I'm flattered, really I am - but Angel is more my type [snicker]

Pandora keeps asking me what went on, and I can't remember - if I could, would I want her to know anyway?????

Mama says I might be allowed to throw a party for my 1st birthday (she thinks I was born sometime in May!), and she's thinking of having one at the Palace for Easter........what's Easter??

Mama found a photo of me today, so she has suggested I post a before and after shot.........

Me when I was found at about 8 weeks..........

Me now......... :-)


Saturday, March 04, 2006


Ah, peace at last.......

snotrag has gone to Magoo's party and I have the place to myself......

[wriggles in comfy bed]

Mind you, he is young.......

and this is his first party.....

hope the little man is ok.......

[looks worried]



Mama went shoppering the other day with Uncle Cyberkitten, and found a shop full to busting of COOL pet stuff - lots of poodin fings, woofie fings, and tons of bun and birdie stuff.......

So anyways, 'cos I'm Mama's Number One Poodin [pokes little pink tongue out at Pandora] she boughted me STUFF!!

First thing I'm not frilled about, but it gets me out of the house!! She boughted me a new belt....

So.....this is grass, huh? Green....innit??

ooh - whassat over there........!!

ohhhh - so that's what this funny bush smells like........!

And, of course, being a indoorsy kitty, she had to buy me a new indoorsy toy too!

This is a cool's all fluffy with fevvers and stuff - and needs a bean to work it! (so Mama and Daddy have to play wiff me!)

I'm gonna put the bite on it..........then it's gonna meet a toofy death.......yup, the yella fing is gonna die - then I may go out for a little walk in my new belt....


[coughs in a ladylike fashion]

I like the yellow toy too.........Mama plays with me too - I just don't pose for pictures like SOME fluffies I could mention.........


Friday, March 03, 2006


We have our Secret Paw! What fun this is!

Charlie: And they're in Mericky!

Pandora: shh, Charlie. It's a SECRET!

Now we must send Mama out shopping........

Charlie: and Mama has FINALLY sent my ginger pic to Eric so I can join the Gorgeous Gingers!

pandora and charlie