Saturday, June 24, 2006

p: For Pete's sake - will you update our blog, Mama!! We know you have the goods, 'cos you've been lurking with that flashy box.

cq: sorry guys.......Mum's been busy.

c: get with the programme, my fans need to see the Charlie-Boy!

cq: Charlie - move please.........

c: [mutter mutter]

p: ah - my safe place. Mama's lap.........

c: Mum boughted me this new playmat. Well, she says it's a doormat, but it must be for me - I co-ordinate wiff it!!

p: you can run, Charlie-Boy - but you can't hide!! I'm watching you.......

cq: Charlie - what are you doing, honey?

c: Isn't it obvlious?? I am guarding Daddy's fur. He takes it off and leaves it lying around - someone has to keep an eye on it.......

Thursday, June 15, 2006



Mum says I'm 'still in recovery' - whatever that means.......

boy, Oreo really knows how to throw a party!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hot hot hot

It's hot for little old ladies here in the UK...


Charlie teleported over to Oreo's party this morning, I think he was looking for his buddy Victor (boys! honestly).

Poor kit is a bit sad that his girlfriend Ariel can't be there, but we is praying for your mommie and your mommie's mommie, Ariel!

Charlie left this for Mama to post.


"Woo hoo!! New toy!! I gotta new toy! Mama brung it from the Birmingingingham place where she's been at skool! I've put my stinky rub all over so Pandora can't have it! And it rattles too! Meeces that rattle are soooo kewl! Off to Oreo's in a minute, Pandy's coming later today, when the Mericky people are awake, she says.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mama founded me!!

My mum founded me.

I sneaked out last night to do some 'sploring and they shutted the door wivout realising I was outside. So I creeped unner the little house in the garden, and sleeped there.

It wasn't nice, there was meeces, 'n' spy-dorrs 'n' bugs 'n' stuff and then when the sun camed up, I couldn't get out!

I cried and cried. Mama camed into the garden and looked under the little wooden house but I was napping. But she camed out a lot and I cried and cried 'Mama!' 'Mama!' - and she founded me! She called my name looked under the little wooden house with a light and got Daddy to come see.

Daddy made loud noises, Mama said he was pulling up the floorboards. I didn't like the noises, so I squeaked out of the teeniest space and dashed for the nice safe house. But the door was shut! Mama caught me and putted me in the house and I went and hid in my room.

I'm so glad to be home with Mama, it's NASTY out there.......


ps - lookee what my girlfriend Ariel has on her bloggie :-)

Mama speaks

Charlie is missing. He must have done a runner yesterday.

At least he's not on the side of the road like Ambrose, and there's been no phonecall like Echo.

Let's hope he's snoozing under a bush somewhere.......

[very worried]

mama cq

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hot, hot, hot!

Man, do these coats come with zippers????

Mum says it's 80 dog-rees outside US tempingtoors.......if there's doggies outside, I'm staying in here.....

Inside it's 72 dog-rees.....what's wiff all these woofies??

btw - Mum said to tell you all sorry I was snippy the uvver day. We don't cellybrate my burfday, cos we don't acshully know when it is, we're cellybrating my Gotcha Day in August.....and Mum says I can have a party then!


Of course, me being Class, my Mama knows my Birthday is the 24 July - but then I wasn't a Dumped Kitty......