Saturday, February 25, 2006


Our Gramma and Grampy came to visit yesterday!
I likes my Gramma, she talks nice to me. Grampy doesn't really like poodin's but he's always very nice to us (prob'ly 'cos he's scared of Mama!).
Gramma was very admiring of my coat :-) It's so hard to keep such a wunnerful coat in tip-top condition, but Mama is helping with daily combings.....

Of course, I wasn't happy, 'cos they sleeped in my room!! When M'Auntie comes to stay, she leaves the door open a crack so's us poodin's can get in, but Gramma and Grampy don't like fluffies in the bedroom. So I started scratchin' at their door at hunting hour! Mama had to get up and take me downstairs. She was angry 'cos it was 3am. I knows that 'cos she whispered 'shut up, it's bloody 3am!'. Pandy came down to join us, and Mama played with me all night long.....then when all the beans got up Mama went back to bed and I went with her - I likes it when Mama keeps poodin' sleeping hours! :-)

Once Mama reinstalls the software on the pooter (which broked itself lately), we have some new pikshurs for all you fluffies out there.

Our Honorary Fluffie Cowboy posted a lovely post about Mama on his blog :-) We loves our Mama and we likes it when other beans 'n' fluffies love Mama too.....

Don't forget!! We all need to email Finny and Buddy in the Pawtrait Conpetition. We have done our entry; have you done yours?
It's difficult with all those paws, but it's fun to try........Dunno what time it is with them, but I'm sure they wouldn't sniff at a couple of late entries :-)


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Mama has bought us new crunchies, we calls 'em bikkits. They is yummy and made 'specially for Indoor Poodins - which we are!

This is what the advertising says....

'That's why our veterinarians and nutritionists have developed new Go-Cat for Indoor Cats - tailored to the specific needs and lifestyle of your indoor cat. 100% nutritionally complete and balanced, Go-Cat for Indoor Cats directly replaces some of the essential nutrient benefits that your cat misses from the outdoors, including those garden greens that cats love to chew on.
It contains a carefully adjusted balance of proteins and calories to avoid unwanted weight gain, the right balance of minerals to help maintain a healthy urinary tract, natural fibres to help reduce hairballs and chicory to aid digestion and reduce litter box smells.
Go-Cat for Indoor Cats gives your cat tailored nutrition and a great-tasting recipe of tasty chicken and added vegetables - while bringing the outdoors in!'

What they don't say is how yummy it is! Both me and charlie likes it - and I have hardly any teefs!
Mama has promised us some kitty grass too, when she gets it to grow...

Oh, and don't forget to put your Pawtrait entries into Finny and Buddy! No hints for us two - we're easy-peasy...and we are next to each other!

Late News - don't forget to keep poorly Casper in your purrayers. He is most poorly.
Update: Mama has done some research on the internet and has sent details on a possible drug to Casper's blog and email address. Every little helps......


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Twin Post

Pandora here: Just thought I'd post the most recent picture of me. This is me cuddling my stuffed woofie. Well, it used to be Charlie's woofie, but what's his is mine.........huh? Mama? Whaddyermean? It's your woofie??

And I was much entertained by Mama combing Charlie tonight. She's decided he must lose his kittyfur, so she's started a strict grooming regime. He don't like it! Look how much fur she got out in one go........

Charlie: Mama promised to blog these pikshurs of me. Please tell Snoodleroo and Sweet Crystal's Mommy that I still love my Quick Draw McPaw..... :-)

And here is a very handsome pikshur of me before my recent furcut.....I feel so NEKKID now!! All my soft underfur is gone - let's hope we don't have a cold spell in the next coupla weeks.......

pandora and charlie

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Balantine's Day!

Mama says it's Balantine Day today and we must send sandpaper kisses and headbutts to all our fluffie friends.

Pandora wants to send special sandpaper kisses to her honorary fluffie Cowboy, and Charlie is sending headbutts to his mate and special little dude, Beau and his mama 'thank you for the super Balantine Card, Beau!'

Oh, and check out Mama's Monday Memory for a poorly fluffie that didn't get a chance to be a Before Fluffie.......

Pandora and Charlie

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Secret Paw Blogtag

The game has begun - watch out for being tagged.....

oh and when you are tagged, go to Secret Paw and see who you should tag.......and don't forget to leave someone for them to tag.......

What a cool way of visiting blogs :-)

Kinda like Michele's Meet and Greet for fluffies!


Secret Paw Blogtag

Me and Patches Lady have been talking and I finks us fluffies should have a game of blogtag!

I arsked Mama how this should be played and she fought up some nice easy rools to play it off Secret Paw Blog!!

My Mama gives me the name of a fluffie to start us off.

I go and visit their blog to tag them.

Then I comes back to Secret Paw and posts the name of another fluffie.

Meanwhile the fluffie I have tagged goes over to Secret Paw and see who is next on the list.

Then they visit the new fluffie 'tag, you're it!', go back to Secret Paw and puts another fluffie name up :-)

That one visited does the same fing.

Whaddyer fink?

Mama?? I needs a name........


Saturday, February 11, 2006

ooh ooh I been tagged [pants keenly]

I been tagged by Boni for this meme.

Mama says there is only five posts on this blog (same number as my toesies) so I will have to go to my old blog.....[rustles through internet]

Here are the rules:
1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

I wasn't intrusted until she put this cool movie in the clanking box (Mama: video machine!).

My 23rd post was a picher post, so my Mama said for me to use my 24th! I 'member, it was Nice Nage, the movie with the big mammoffy fing and the ickle sloff.....that's my favourite movie now.....

I fink everyone has been tagged now [peers into screen] - but if you wants to have a go, lets me know :-)


Friday, February 10, 2006

Helper Mama

Mama is busy today!

Our Mericky Mate, Mr Sweetie (Sweetie to his friends!), has run into a few leetle problems on his new blog, so Mama is 'ironing out the wrinkles' for Sweetie's Momma. Mama is a good ironer...

And she is also thinking about her own blog - what to do, what to do.

You see, Mama can't afford blog designers like her blogbuddies, so she's teaching herself.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My turn, my turn

[pushes past Pandora]

it's my turn to blog!

OK, got Mama to do the whole flag thing as Eric said - whaddyerfink? Took her nages - don't fink she's very good at this pooter stuffs.

And tonight we are getting her to send off our pawtraits to Finny and Buddy for the Pawtrait Competishun.....

And now Mama only has one blog to help us wiff, she says it'll be easier to do all our linkies and stuffs.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Update on Our Mama

Mama has been to the bean V E T, and he has given her a piece of paper to say she doesn't have to go to the work thing - so I get her to myself all week!

I know Charlie thinks he does - but he's WRONG!

Charlie is going to have to start being good!

When she is yelling at him her owies hurt!And she is going to see a 'nother bean V E T about her tummy....

And her V E T has given her more nice drugs for her owie........


New Poodin' Blog

My Mericky Mate Sweetie has finally persuaded his Momma to start him his own blog.

Check him out here.

Go on over and say hello :-)


Fresh Look

New Combined Blog for us Brit Poodins.........

pandora and charlie