Sunday, February 12, 2006

Secret Paw Blogtag

Me and Patches Lady have been talking and I finks us fluffies should have a game of blogtag!

I arsked Mama how this should be played and she fought up some nice easy rools to play it off Secret Paw Blog!!

My Mama gives me the name of a fluffie to start us off.

I go and visit their blog to tag them.

Then I comes back to Secret Paw and posts the name of another fluffie.

Meanwhile the fluffie I have tagged goes over to Secret Paw and see who is next on the list.

Then they visit the new fluffie 'tag, you're it!', go back to Secret Paw and puts another fluffie name up :-)

That one visited does the same fing.

Whaddyer fink?

Mama?? I needs a name........



Valderbar said...

I came to say tag you're it for another game but you already are.

Orlando Bun said...

I say 'paw, you're it!'

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Sounds amusing. I'll make my woman go there. Pandora, will you be participating? We more dignified felines have to mind our reputations, you know.