Thursday, September 28, 2006

Luna's Party

Guys! Guys!

Mum says we can holds Luna's Welcome Home purr-tay here (if she likes) next Friday! (It was going to be tonight but Mum is gonna have her hands full at the Palace)!

We'll tell you all about it in plenty of time......


Monday, September 25, 2006

Woo Hoo!!!

Luna is home!!

Safe and Sound with her very, very happy mama.

We is glad Luna is safe, it's not nice outside wiff no mama to looks after you.

She's a bit skinny, got fleasies and got into a scrape or two, but seems fine.

And she missed my purrtay! perhaps we'd better frow her a speshul purrtay?? A Welcome Home purrtay?

charlie and pandora

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Crash Bang

We had a BIG fumber-litening storm last night. It crashed, it flashed, it banged and it poured with rain.....It went on for ages 'n' ages.......

So while Pandy was hiding in her usual hidey-hole (she's ascareded of fumber-litening) I went and snuggled wiff Mum and Daddy who were awake 'cos of the noisy fumber.


Monday, September 18, 2006




Fluffie jail?

[hides under sofa]

Update: It was the V.E.T........... we both wented to see Uncle Tim.......

Charlie: I'm fine. Uncle Tim sticked me wiff a needle. He says I'm a gorgeous colour and ruffled my coat lots. He also says now I am growed he finks I am part Maine Coon. My underbite is less pernounced (they fink 'cos I'm older now). And then he clipped my clawsies.

Pandora: I am very well, apparently. Uncle Tim calls me 'gorgeous'! My bladder is fine, although the Horrible One made me poorly yesterday. My eyes are ok, but they have a blue caste with age. I don't have the bad hips my Mum was worried about, but Uncle Tim says I have a bad back 'cos of my advanced age. He spent a long time looking in my eyes, and clipped my claws. Uncle Tim likes me! :-) Oh, and I'm NOT 18 - I'm 17!! I can't believe Mum made such a mistake with my age!

And we got pressies from Uncle Tim - 'cos it is Pet Smile Month.

the bags had bikkits for us to help cleans our teefs

and information for Mum.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm a lean, mean, killing machine!!

There are corpses all over the house now where I'm showing off my killing skills to Mum and Daddy........

Mum says she isn't helping me post the pictures of my victims, as that may be disturbing for ickle fluffies......


Mama and Daddy went away and left me with the Horrible One. I got all stressed out and now I'm sick, and it's ALL their fault - so I'm peeing on their carpet!!


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Purrtay on.......

Mum and Daddy are going to a weeding today.

Don't know why they don't just stay here, we haff lotsa weeds!

[cq: Wedding, charlie - a Wedding!]

But Mum says the party is still going, she's left out all the toys and made lotsa sticky goodness and crunchie sammiches.


Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Purrtay Time!!

Fluffies 'n' dudes 'n' aminals!

Hippo gotcha day to me....
Hippo gotcha day to me....
Hippo gotcha day to charlie....
Hippo gotcha day to me.........!!!

Finally, I'm getting my purrtay.......what wiff Luna missing and Mama goin' away - a boy has to fit his purrtay in where he can!

we gots the pool again..........

and the tramamapoline

Mum gots me a purrfec' cake like a fluffie

Mum said no niptinis, but we've got rainbow catnip.........

The water is still on.......

And my special treat is - Mum gots a bouncy castle, shaped like a wild fluffie! She says, though, please no clawsies..........

Mum says the party can go on as long as people want - if we're in bed, help yourselves to nip and a dip in the pool.......

Pandora is over at Ayla's place helping her to sellybrate her burpday......

ooh look! I gots a present from the Mostly Black Cats!


It's Party Day

Mama says when this says 0 it will be my party time!


Monday, September 11, 2006


Mama has posted her Tree-boot to 9/11. It's dedicated to a man called Khang Nguyen who seemed like a jolly nice bean, who lived with a lady bean called Tu and a blurpy bean called An.

Khang worked at the Penty-gone when it went boom. Khang has gone to Heaven now (like Rainbow Bridge but for beans) and his lady bean and blurpy bean miss him so much.


Mum says her Tree-boot made her cry. She's reading uffer Tree-boots and getting froo lots of tishues.

Khang sounds like a cool bean, I wish we'd known him.

Wouldn't Khang be a cool name for a fluffie.......?

Mum??? Are we getsing a new kitten? I wants to call him Khang!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Party Time!

Mum has agreed, my Gotcha Party will be on Saturday 9 September at 10pm UK time.

Nope - scratch that!! Mum has double booked herself again and I can't type without her yet.....

My Party is now on Friday 15th September at 10pm UK time.

(That's about 3-4pm depending where you are in Mericky).
We is hoping that Luna will be safely home by then and will be able to teleport over.

Mum says here's the World Clock so your beans can check times.

Everyone is welcome; fluffies, beans, woofies, buns, rats and any uffer aminals.

More later :-)


Friday, September 01, 2006

Party Purrsponed

'cos our Spanish fluffie furriend Luna is still missing, we are purrsponing my gotcha party until next weekend.

In the meantime, go and join the purrayer vigil for Luna.......we wants Luna to come home safe.......

From Beau's email:

They put a notice in a local magazine of sort. Also, a group (guessing friends/family) are going to go look for her Sunday. They are ahead of us in timeby approx 6 hours. (That would be Saturday evening & night our time.) I think we need to hold a major prayer vigil through Saturday afternoon-night. My suggestion is to offer prayers throughout the day and evening that they find her during their search, and have a power vigil at 9 PM EST Saturday night. This is a chance for us to really pray Luna home.

We are...

Praying Luna home!
Cathy and Beau