Monday, September 11, 2006


Mama has posted her Tree-boot to 9/11. It's dedicated to a man called Khang Nguyen who seemed like a jolly nice bean, who lived with a lady bean called Tu and a blurpy bean called An.

Khang worked at the Penty-gone when it went boom. Khang has gone to Heaven now (like Rainbow Bridge but for beans) and his lady bean and blurpy bean miss him so much.


Mum says her Tree-boot made her cry. She's reading uffer Tree-boots and getting froo lots of tishues.

Khang sounds like a cool bean, I wish we'd known him.

Wouldn't Khang be a cool name for a fluffie.......?

Mum??? Are we getsing a new kitten? I wants to call him Khang!



Ariel said...

Great Tree-boot your mom wrote.

Patches & Mittens said...

It was a dismal day for all of us. Momma says she still can't believe it.


Rascal said...

Very purry nice. Glad I dropped by for a visit.