Monday, September 25, 2006

Woo Hoo!!!

Luna is home!!

Safe and Sound with her very, very happy mama.

We is glad Luna is safe, it's not nice outside wiff no mama to looks after you.

She's a bit skinny, got fleasies and got into a scrape or two, but seems fine.

And she missed my purrtay! perhaps we'd better frow her a speshul purrtay?? A Welcome Home purrtay?

charlie and pandora


Hot(M)BC said...

Yes! We should frow a speshul party in her honor! Good idea Charlie! You's a smart poodin!

The Meezers said...

YES YES YES!! She deserves a speshul welcome home party

Luna said...

It would be very happy if that party is for my welcome,thank you Crying =^^´=

Mia and Ghost said...

Oh... we agree that we need to throw the party for Luna. We are so glad she is home safe.

Derby said...

I think a party for Luna would be fun. she may need to rest up first. So whenever she is ready.

Eric and Flynn said...

That wud be a luvly idea. We haf all missed little Luna, an are so happy she is back again.

Fat Eric said...

Yay! A party for Luna! Have you seen the happy dance for Luna on my blog?