Tuesday, May 30, 2006


C: Mum!! She punched me! [squints]

P: I did not!

C: She did! Now I have a poorly eye - see?? [screws eye shut]

P: I did not punch him!

C: Mum, she did. I was just playing and she punched me!

P: Mama, I swear on my fluffy paws I didn't punch him!

C: She's lying, Mum. Punish her, punish her good!! She might have ruined my modelling career.......and what about all my Charlie-Groupies??

M: [coughs] Have you two finished bickering? Good.
Charlie, your eye is fine. A bit of watering and it's already getting better. See, look, you can open it now. You'll be handsome again soon...
Pandora, don't punch him.....[walks off]

P: 'Charlie-Groupies' [feline snigger]

C: [muttering] she did, she punched me.....

P: [whispering] I didn't, I SCRATCHED you.......

Monday, May 29, 2006

The new IT Cat

Mum? When Catmopolitan ring for my photo session, just show them in - ok?

I see a BIG future for me in modelling.......

Mr De Mille? I'm ready for my close-up!

The name's Charlie.......Charlie Cat.....003½

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Out all night

Mama stayed out all night last night.

She went to the bean stabby place yesterday for a checkup on sumfin in her tummy. The Bean V E T said she was fine, so Mama went to stay with her friend RCA to cellybrate. They had drinks and fings, and watched the picture box.

Daddy was supposed to be poodin' sitting last night, but he had to go a long way away for the work thing, so we were all alone.........

Mama left us loads of food and we sleeped all night long - well, we won't tell about the wild party if you don't!


Friday, May 19, 2006


She's home!!

charlie and pandora

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Mama's been *so* busy lately!

She has a new job and is working long hours, then she has to come home and look after us and Daddy.......
Now she is packing a bag and says she's going away for a fortnight to somewhere called school! A fortnight - that's like a kazillion sleeps! :-(

She's managing to keep her blog up to date, but she knows she hasn't been helping us with ours much.
And we're not gonna make the CatOlympics, she's afraid.

But once school is finished and everything is back to normal, she promises to help us more.


I likes chasing fings Mum calls Shaddos! Wiv the sun shining now, there are lots of Shaddos to play wiv!
Mum says she is going away for a while. No more Mummy-kisses......just Daddy snuggles for a bit :-((


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Old Friends

Mad, Bad, Moses Kitty has checked in with his blogging buddies!! I'm so pleased......

Seems he is enjoying his freedom in the Barn Place, and no blurpy thing getting in his way!!