Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Fings ave been very very hectic here lately, living with beans is soooooo tiring.....[snore]
Mama had crutchy fings for ages and then the bean V.E.T. cutted her knee up and maded it better. But the bean V.E.T. says her knees have harfiritis in them......We dunno wat that is, but it sounds icky.
Daddy has a poorly heart now. We knows he loves us cos he hugses us and kissessess us lots so we finks his heart is just fine....
They bof been werking so hard to feeds us our treatsies and nice fuds we hardly efer sees them!
Hmm - does we want treatsies or mama and daddy?
Us kittehs love playing heffalumps and fighting - actually we does a lot of fighting and it makes Mama and Daddy mad! It also leaves loads of Charlie floof all over the floor [snicker] That dude can drop fur wifout efen batting a whisker...
Mama has entered Charlie into a competishun - it's the only desent pikshir of the floofy dude she ever tooks.
William, signing off.........