Sunday, March 19, 2006


We missed the party!! No niptinis or bloody mousies for us!! No russianless white russians or anchovy pizza.....! Did Angel find a new playmate??

[feline sob]

You see, Mama's 'nearly bean bruv', our Uncle Aginoff, has been very poorly in n'ospital, and as well as being at the work fing, she has been visiting him most evenings this week. She says he is much better and has time to blog today.

Mama has been SO busy lately, what wiff baby bean christenings, work fing, Uncle Aginoff and stuffs..........

Daddy doesn't do blogging, so we couldn't ask him to help :-((

Magoo thunked this across to me - I fink it's cool........

Moses Kitty,
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your fur.
And rains fall soft upon your catnip fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand
To old friends! And to new friends!

I fink living in a barn sounds WAY cool........what's a barn???



Fat Eric said...

Hi Charlie
I see you need some help choosing a Catolympic sport. Are you good at litter throwing? Or maybe fitting in small boxes? How about hairball hurling? Or maybe sumo wrestling, like me? You are getting to be quite a big kitty so you might be good at sumo. Sorry you missed the party, I did too but only because my mum is disorganised. Hope Aginoth feels better soon.

Derby said...

We missed you buddy. It was a wild time. I was thinking that because the English and Irish don't alway get along, that maybe you decided to stay home.

It was a bit of a wild time. Go and read all of the comments at F&B's.

Yeah, sign up for the Catolympics. I signed up for high jump and speed racing. Plus I figure I gotta be the reporter.

Boni said...

Here you go Charlie. *hands you a russianless White Russian* Just for you :) Sorry you couldn't make it to the party, but I thought maybe a russianless drink might cheer you up a little. :)

Patches & Mittens said...

Our Dad wont do a thing with the computer either. He is challenged, Mom says.....I say he is too interested in NASCAR.

pandora and charlie said...



ah, Boni - you is the dooces!! :-) pretty too :-)

Sport, sport....[furrows ginger brow] ok lads - well, I'm an excellent hurdler; I hurdle Pandora all the time. Or is there a sofa relay........?

I'll have to nip over to Beau's and check fings out.


and I must remind Mama about the Secret Paw


Beau said...

We desperately need litter throwers. Sorry you missed the party but it got out of control for a while so it's probably a good thing. Hope Aginoth gets well soon. We will say prayers.

Becca said...

We're sorry that y'all missed the party. WE were there, but momma didn't leave the 'puter on for us to talk about it with effurryone online. Bad momma. Maybe we'll see you at the next party!

Meeko and Kiara

The Meezers said...

we hopes your unkle is feeling better soon!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Hiya Charlie my new friend. We are just about the same age. My Mom gotted me from the animal shelter and they tolds her I was six months old in October so my birfday must be in April. I hopes my Mom is plannin somefin for me. A can of stinky goodness all too myslef wifout Angie gettin any (even though I eats most of her stinky goodness too). Angie says hi and tanks you for sayin she's pretty.

Luna said...

hello britcats my name is Luna as moon you know!! welcome to my blog my new friend =^.^=