Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kitty Glitter

Important!! Go visit our Spanish fur-iend, Luna. Her mommy is going to bean hospital tomorrow for surgery.......Mum says that's cutting you open wiff a knife. Luna is scareded and her daddy is scareded and her mommy is scareded. We hopes she gets better soon. We is purraying for her.

More from Uncle bionicdwarf - this could be my story....I think Mum is thinking of putting up that tree wiff all the glittery stuff again!


This is a wonderful time of year when the humans decorate the home for us cats in anticipation of the visit from "Santa Claws." The tree went up yesterday, and so did we! Whee! Made it to the fourth branch within the first five minutes before the Big Owner chased us out of the tree.

So, as we do every year, we waited and watched the humans decorate the Cat-mas tree with all sorts of these things humans call "ornaments."We call them "cat toys."

Ornaments are invitations to a cat, bright and shiny spheres just daring us to knock them off. And we're pretty good at it, considering all the trees they've decorated.
Every year humans hang the ornaments a little higher out of our range, forcing us to elevate our game to knock them off. Humans "ohhh and ahhh" as they decorate the Cat-mas tree. Us? We salivate in anticipation of the night's activities.
The humans retire to bed, as is custom during Cat-mas season, leaving us to play with our tree.
Tonight is a challenge, the ornaments are at an all-time high. We crept under the tree and began to scale branches. This is great! A tree in our own home, why don't they do this year-round? Five, six, seven branches, we climb like a pro. Ten, twelve, we are halfway to the top, and there is the first ornament! This is easy as Cat-mas fruitcake.

We make our way down the branch approaching the first ornament. It lightly jiggles as our weight causes the bough to bend. Almost there! One paw away and we feel a shudder. Hey, something is not right here, we begin to lose our balance. The room is tilting! No, the room is not tilting ... the Cat-mas tree is falling! ME-OW!!

It seemed like forever as the tree leaned, then pitched, and finally crashed to the floor in a resounding bang of explodingbulbs, ornaments, and broken limbs. We quickly extricated ourselves from the splintered tree just as the Big Owner came bursting in snapping on the lights and talking excitedly.

There we were, sitting next to the tree, as innocent a look on our faces as any other in the household.
"What happened?" he growled.
Not a peep from us, we turned and looked at the tree.
"I guess we hung too many ornaments on one side of the tree," we heard him say later as he hoisted the mangled Cat-mas tree back into place.
"Goo-ood answer," we thought.
The Big Owner staggered off to bed, and we retreated to the living room. Maybe we'll tear down those stockings that were hung by the chimney "with care".
It was a good day.


Cheysuli said...

You know the human female actually had a cat who knocked over the tree. He was drinking water from it and got so excited he kept trying to get more and managed to topple the tree... now we have fake trees..

Millie said...

Wow, I've been climbing in our tree ever since the Lady put it up, but I didn't knock it over. I must be too small. But I am growing!

Karen Jo said...

Wow! I didn't know that a couple of cats could knock over a Christmas tree. You two could be making kitty history.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

After reading about your tree escapade, Mom laughed and said "That's exactly why we don't have a tree anymore!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie and Pandora,
I love the story of the tree.I've
done my share of christmas Misbehaving
I broke a couple of glass blubs.And tore
the Christmas tree skirt.Stay warm and safe...Love and huggs Areil

Feline Oligarchy said...

What a wonderful story! Our humans put up our tree on Saturday thinking they are so smart to put less breakables near the bottom. Ha - we'll see about that. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie fu

Anonymous said...

Yer uncle bionicdwarf is furry smart. Hims gots sum grate stories and dirctions.