Thursday, April 13, 2006


Mama is throwing a Blog Party tonight. She was inspired by our bashes and decided to have one at the Palace.
Btw - she says no pets (I know she don't mean that really!) but your moms and dads are welcome.

So, anyways, she was having in--in--sum-- a sleepless night last night so she was up half the night spiffing up her blog for the party.

When Blogger didn't play she shot off an email this morning asking why her published blog didn't match the template or the preview!

So, anyways, she's tired now. But she has to go shoppering and then out to help celebrate Uncle Cyberkitten's birthday.......


I wokes her up!! It was three on the clock, 'cos she cursed me and told me it was three - like I care! I just wanted to play!!



PrincessMia said...

Mom says thanks! & she'll try to stop by.

pandora and charlie said...

Your mom came! Mum says she's here somewhere....

But we're in the stables, so we can't see.

Loads of noise coming from the house, music, yelling, laughing - sounds quite a blinder of a party....!!

Derby said...

Ohh, mum is too late for that party.

I have to ask that you go to the Purrthday list the Princess Mia has done for all of us blogging kitties.

I don't see either of you listed! We gotta know when to celebrate.

Zeus said...

What a neat idea! A blog party! I will have to tell my human pet about this!