Saturday, February 10, 2007

Auntie Elena

I had to go to the stabby place yesterday. Luckily Mama has found us a nice V.E.T. and Uncle Tim has been looking after me for 9 years now, since I was a spry kitty.

Now Uncle Tim has to share us with
Auntie Elena. She's ever so nice and kind and pretty, and talks like our Spanish Furiend Luna. Mama says she's from Spain.
Anyway, I saw Auntie Elena yesterday and she was ever so gentle. She stabbied me (I didn't like that at all!!) and checked my tummy and my eyes. Mama and Daddy call it a
MOT, like when they have their cars checked! Then Mama asked if she would trim my claws and I did need a clawicure. But I had to keep my reputation intact so I hissed and spat and tried to bite them, while Mama held me and Auntie Elena clipped my claws.

I got a clean bill of health, Auntie Elena says I look fantastic for my age and am very well. They even weighed me. Being an elderly feline I am naturally modest, but I was weighed at 3.5kg, that's 7½lbs, apparently I have lost 200 grammes - whatever they are!

Do you all like your V.E.T.s and get to choose who you see or do you have to take whoever is on duty?



Daisy said...

Hi Pandora! I am very happy that you got a clean bill of health. It sounds like you have wonderful doctors! We go to an animal hospital with multiple doctors on staff. If we don't have an urgent problem, we pick who we want to see. If it's something urgent, we just go see the first available doctor.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pandora,

I'm happy that your doing well and are in good health.I don't like going to the vet he's good .Yet I still get mad and hiss when I have to go get a shot.Please tell your brother Charlie to visit my blog. I posted an early Valentine's to him. Mommy's babysitting the neice thingy so I posted it early cause she does'nt have alot of computer time anymore... thanks

Karen Jo said...

I am glad you got a clean bill of health, Pandora.

Kimo & Sabi said...

We likes our vet lady - she is furry gentle and has a nice voice. We she stabs us we hardly feel it. We don't like the ride to the vet however! Sabi gets car sick and furry whiny. Mommakitty finks shes gonna try taking us to the vet in a stroller next time...that is, when we gets a stroller!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Pandora, if you know the secrit to a long healfy life, you should share it wif the rest of us!

We always see the same vet lady unless it's a mergency, an efun then Bonnie got her bof times. She's furry nice an gentle but a lot bigger than our mom. Mom says Bonnie's gooder fur the vet lady than fur her! She said I's a keeper, but let me go home wif Mom insteada keepin me.

Anonymous said...

Hello Charlie,

It's been awhile since you posted a comment on my blog. I hope you,Pandora and your family are all
well.I also want to wish you a
Happy Valentine's Day...Huggs Ariel

Lux said...

Great about the clean bill of health - there are two vets in our office but Mom always asks for her (and our) favorite one.

The Meezers said...

Happy Balentimes day!!!